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HELLO 2020

I cannot argue that I am very glad of the new year. Although 2019 started off really well, it ended in the worst possible way. It feels like forever since I’ve a blog post. So I thought I’d make it one of my 2020 goals to write more about life as a Strong Mumma, business owner and part time worker all whilst healing mentally. What better way than talking about my goals for this year.

I want to start with a brief overview of my 2019. I started the year working on my own mental health, I went to baby groups and got out of the house a lot more! One Strong Mumma was going from strength to strength. I also got myself a little part time job, not because I needed the money but I needed to be ‘Naomi’ again. I wanted my confidence back. By far the best thing I did last year, no one at work knows about the struggle with my mental health and most do not have a clue about my business. It gives me a chance to escape my little bubble and just be me. Unfortunately in November, very suddenly and unexpectedly my Grandad passed away and knocked our whole family completely. This is the first loss for me and my sisters within the family that we truly understood. I spent 26 years having him in my life, reminding me not to let my petrol get too low in the car. I’ll never forget his reaction to him finding out we were having a baby boy. He was so glad there was finally going to be another boy (we have sooooo many girls in our family). As I sit here writing this with tears rolling down my face, I know that is going to take a very long time to come to terms with.

Will miss you always Grandad

I did finally get a bit of happy news in December, One Strong Mumma was officially trademarked and registered to me! So no one can ever copy me again!!!!!!! This was a over 3 month long process and had no guarantee that it would be registered. Knowing that I am the only person legally able to make One Strong Mumma clothing gives me more confidence to get this brand out there.

So as you can see, I am walking into 2020 not in the best of mindsets. This is probably why I have set goals and resolutions to work towards. I know that we only get one life and it is far too short to be unhappy.

My first goal is probably the most overused and generic one you could think of. WEIGHTLOSS… I have been so unhappy with what I looked like ever since I gave birth to Reuben two years ago. I eat when I am down, unhappy, angry, upset and there has been A LOT of that over the last couple of years. I want to build a new relationship with food and not constantly turn to it for comfort.

My next goal is to go on a summer holiday! Due to money etc, we didn’t manage to go anywhere last year (other than city breaks). We definitely felt it and I am not missing out this year. Sometimes you just need a week away, to breathe in the sea air and just enjoy being in the moment. Recharge those batteries, although I am not sure going on holiday with a two year old will be relaxing?! Haha

Money saving is another goal! Me and Dan (my other half) really want to move up north, maybe to Sheffield/Leeds. We both went to uni up there and just loved everything about it. It is also a lot cheaper than where we live now. So instead of my weekly Mcdonalds… We have cut them down to once a month and a few other things to ensure we are saving, saving, saving!

Happy 2020 Strong Mumma’s, whether you’ve made goals or not, you’ve got this.

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