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Meet the Maker

Hello and welcome back to The Diary of One Strong Mumma! Today I thought I’d do a Meet the Maker, so you can get to know the person behind OSM.

I am Naomi (the boss), I’m 25 years old from Northamptonshire, England. I have lived here all my life, well apart from three years I spent living in Sheffield for Uni. I completed a college course in Childcare and then went on to study Childhood Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating with a 2:1 degree. I then spent about 2 years working in nurseries as a Senior Nursery Nurse, I absolutely loved working with children! In March 2017, I had the BIGGEST surprise of my life, I was pregnant. I had spent my whole life saying I wanted to work with children but I did not want my own (mainly through fear of childbirth, I am a complete wuss, scared of EVERYTHING).

Fast forward 41 weeks and 1 day, out tears (literally, third degree) 9lb 15oz baby Reuben! The absolute love of my life, my gorgeous little squish and the reason why I am One Strong Mumma. He is now 18 months old, wearing 3-4/4-5 years clothes (he is huge) and we live with Dan (my other half/Reuben’s Daddy). I met Dan on Tinder, (I cringed as I wrote that) who’d of thought you could actually meet ‘the one’ on that god damn awful app. I run One Strong Mumma single handily from my lil office at home, creating every item to order (hence the 3 week turnaround). I will do a separate post about how OSM was created soon.

I’m very quiet, shy and socially awkward, spent my whole school life hearing ‘I’d love for her to contribute more in class, so I know she understands’… But once I get to know you, I’m the complete opposite and won’t shut up. I am obsessed with Mcdonalds, (as in the key to my heart is through a Mcdonalds, like if you took me on a first date there, I’d be yours for life) the Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps are addictive! Apparently they aren’t a healthy option to have on Slimming World (which I’m currently just over 1 stone down). I collect Emma Bridgewater pottery (wow I sound old).

I am petrified of the Dentist, even though I’ve never had any work done and Spiders (I literally faint at the sight of them). I would really love to have 2 more children, hopefully one day, when I’m truly over Reuben’s birth. I will also do a blog post about it but I really suffered with my Mental Health during the first year of Reuben’s life (PTSD/PND).

I think that is about all I can think of… If you have any questions/want to know any more, leave me a comment!

Thank you for taking the time to read my lil ‘Meet the Maker’

Love Naomi xx

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