The Story Behind the Subscription Box

Welcome back to the Diary of One Strong Mumma!

So, if you follow me on Instagram and have watched my live, you will now know that my brand new product is a subscription box for Mums! Oh yes, the #StrongMummaClub is actually going to be a club! Ever since I brought out the first SMC item, I knew I had to turn it into a subscription.

To begin with, I was calling it a Subscription (not a Subscription) box because I wanted it to be something easily affordable for Mums. I know that we spend 99% of our money on our babies. So the box would work exactly the same as a subscription box, but you wouldn’t have to actually commit to paying it monthly. You order it, when you want it. It still works like this but I have decided to add a trial 3 month subscription option to the website, which will eventually open up to a 6 monthly/year subscription (they will make perfect/thoughtful gifts for Mums to be/Strong Mummas).

The whole contents of each monthly box is purely for Mums. As a Strong Mumma, suffering with my mental health, I without a doubt hardly have any ‘Me time’. This box is a lil pick me up, something to make you smile every time it arrives at your door.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering what on earth is going in these boxes? Well, nothing that is currently on the website. They are all exclusive products made by me and other businesses (so not all vinyl clothing stuff). The boxes are worth over £25 each, so at just £15 + p&p, you’re getting an absolute little gem!

The boxes will look different to the photos. Unfortunately the company I used for the samples closed, so I’ve used them for the promo but your box will look different (still fabulous though)!

I will reveal the contents of each monthly box after everyone who pre-ordered the box/purchased the subscription has received their box. (I don’t want to ruin anyone’s surprise) It will then go on general sale, so in 6 months time, if you fancy purchasing July’s box (welcome box), you can!

So there is 3 different ways of purchasing the #StrongMummaClub subscription box. 1. Pre-order one box monthly. 2. Order a 3 month subscription. 3. Purchase a particular box you would like, after they’ve gone on general sale on the product section of the website.

I am SO EXCITED about the #StrongMummaClub Subscription boxes, I think it is my absolute best product yet! They will officially launch tomorrow evening, but as I am unsure when you’re reading this, I’ll say 1st June 2019 at 7.30pm. This is to pre order the box(s), the ‘Welcome Box’ will be dispatched on 28/06/19.

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